SUNEx Solar



SunEx Solar's professional staff have been in the energy business for over 18 years and have been specializing in solar projects since 2006.  Along with our affiliated company, we currently have over $200 million worth of projects under development.   

  • Commercial/Industrial Energy Savings
  • Commercial Energy Management
  • Solar Project Developement
  • Solar Leaseing
  • Solar PPA
  • Solar Project Management

Why we do what we do



The key to a successful solar project  is financing. SunEx Solar has an investment banking relationship which will provide a wide range of financing solutions for every project.

Solar Solutions

SunEx Solar works with building owners to develop solar solutions to help them go green and reduce overall energy costs.

Project DevelopMent

SunEx Solar  brings it all together working with installers/ EPC firms, and financial institutions to develop solar projects in instances where a developer is required

Energy Savings

SunEx Solar works with building owners  to develop custom energy savings and energy management solutions to reduce energy costs before installing solar