SUNEx Solar



Energy Management

  • Peak  shaving
  • Load shifting
  • Energy Analysis Software
  • Energy Management Software

Energy Savings

  • Migration to energy efficient LED light bulbs
  • Implementation of Variable Speed Drives

Energy Savings

As utility rates continue to rise with no sign of stopping, solar provides an excellent solution to lower overall energy costs and to provide stability of energy costs for the future.  The amount you will save greatly depends on the type of system you install, the financing options you choose, your current utility provider and pay rate.  We encourage you to fill out our contact form so that we can set up a phone call to discus what SunEx can do for you.  

In addition to adding solar to you facility,  SunEx can help you with Energy Savings and Energy Management solutions to further reduce your energy costs with a shorter payback period.  Some of the technologies and solutions that SunEx specializes in are listed below.  It is our mission at SunEx solar to not only provide you with a solar system, but to provide you with a custom energy savings package that meets your individual needs and is guaranteed to save you money.