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It is SunEx Solar's mission to promote a greener, cleaner and more sustainable future, by assisting utility, industrial, commercial businesses and government meet the challenges of rising energy costs and climate change through the use of renewable energy sources. With solar power nearing, or in some cases below grid parity, a solar solution to the challenge of replacing coal fired power plants has become economically viable in America.

SunEx Solar is a developer of of custom, turn-key solar solutions.  We use our 18 years of experience in the energy business to work with property owners and deliver a custom tailored solution to reduce energy costs.  For the Commercial and Industrial sectors, we provide both roof-top and ground-mount systems, and when needed, can integrate with energy savings and energy management to optimize energy costs  If combined heat and power is the right decision for our customers we work with our affiliate company that specializes in CHP to deliver the overall best energy savings package available. 

SunEx Solar 's focus is in larger systems for commercial, industrial, government and utility size systems. SunEx uses the latest solar electric design and installation methods, the state of the art equipment in its building-tied and grid-tied systems . We offer PPA, financing and leasing options with our systems and we will utilize the maximum tax credits and incentives available in your area to keep costs down and reduce payoff periods.  As solar developers, we have the expert knowledge it takes to provide efficient solar systems. In order to gain the greatest efficiency potential of a system, our engineers provide site analysis to determine the best possible factors for a solar installation.